pidan Cat Teaser Toy Accessories, A3 Box Set

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The material of the accessories used and its design are based on cat's hunting and playing nature. The accessories and cat teasers together provide more combinations and more fun. These accessories enhance the amusement promoting bonding and exercise. Each box contains four different accessories.
 Feather with a bell

Birds attract cats very easily. You can imitate a bird’s movement with this white feather bell and your cat will follow it where it goes. Your cat will jump and grab the feather bell when your cat thinks the feather bell is within its reach. Let your cat grab the feather bell to satisfy its innate character of hunting. You will see a huge satisfaction from your cat. The material used is natural goose feather, pure white, no chemical dye, keeps your cat happy and healthy.

Plush tail with a bell

Cats are natural predators, even when they become domesticated. It is important to let them be predators. This accessory allows your cat to get ready, anticipate, and attack. This plush strip bell imitates small mammals that cats can prey on. Your cat will enjoy it so much that your cat will remind you about play time. The material is nylon cloth with polyester tail, streamline design, vivid and lovely, the bell rings to attract the cat's attention, lets the cat's fighting spirit soars aloft.

Rustling silver foil

Let your cat’s curiosity be summoned by this dancing little fairies. Shining and glittering in the air, the flying little fairies fly there, and your cat chases them there. Strikes with cat’s paw, feeling the little fairies can be caught but cannot catch it. This relieves your cat’s boredom and keeps your cat healthy. The material is new PET materials. Catch the cat's heart, the best time is play time.

Elastic rope
40 cm elastic fishing rope, can bear load up to 4 kg, can be stretched to 70 cm, randomly combine with other accessories, more fun to tease cats in a long distance, achieving the dream of a hunting meow.
It is important to play with your cat because play makes cats feel like a predator, play is exercise, play relieves boredom, play promotes bonding, and play is hilarious. One teaser with unlimited possibility. Update the accessories every season just by replacing the front end. Feel free to mix and match.
Kind reminder
Due to material causes, the elastic rope could be bent, stretched or other conditions during manufacturing, packaging, and binding, so that the length is greater than or less than 40cm, which is normal. It has no effect on the use of the product itself.

Cat toys and accessories are all consumables. Cats need to release their natural instincts through toys. Destruction and tear loss are normal. Please pay attention to regular replacement.
When you play with your cat, you can imitate animals, insects, butterflies, birds, or others. You will get unexpected surprises with different tricks. Remember to balance play time and rest time.


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