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At Naturally Urban, we see ourselves as a sum of our all parts. This includes the services we offer as well as the products we sell. We take great care in selling only pet food brands that meet the highest standards of quality and production. 

  • We love finding Canadian made pet food suppliers,especially locally owned like FirstMate, Now, Go!, Gather, Canada Fresh & PetKind. 
  • We make room in the support of Canadian family owner-operator producers like the Boreal,  Canadian Naturals & Horizon.
  • And we will always promote sustainable Canadian pet food producers like Open Farm, Orijen, and West Coast Canine Life.

 Above all, we want our customers to know that we will only carry dog and cat food brands that meet our own values. We recognize that to be truly great at what we do, starts at what we sell. 

 If you have any questions, regarding any of the products or brands we sell please let us know  If there is a brand or product you feel we are missing, also send us a message. We're always looking to grow our range of pet food brands, and consistently bring you more of what you want.