Kitty Litter

Naturally Urban Hates Kitty Litter but then, who does like kitty litter?

Just like everyone else we hate kitty litter and unless you have an outdoor cat you just gotta deal. Β That's where we come in. We won't empty your litter box, but at least when you buy natural kitty litter from us we will lug it right to you door. Β We carry all different type of natural kitty litter, including World's Best Kitty Litter, Feline Fresh, Odour Busters, Fresh News and Swheat Scoop. Β If there is a brand you do not see here, drop us a line as we can usually get most natural kittly litter.Β 


Natural Cat Litter Original 18Kg
Natural Cat Litter Original 18Kg
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