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Odour Buster Organic Litter 14 Kg

$27.99 CAD

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*Southern BC Free Shipping Customers (not local delivery friends)- We will only ship one bag of litter/order.

  • Odour Buster delivers instant, long-lasting odour control—without masking foul odours with perfumed scents. The secret? An innovative manufacturing process that coats each and every pellet with our Odour Buster solution—made from eight exclusive drying accelerators and high-performance odour trappers that prevent odour build-up in the litter box.

  • It’s so easy to use and even outperforms other cat litters.

    With Odour Buster , keeping your litter box fresh is simple! Odour Buster destroys the source of odours on contact and keeps working—so there’s no need to scoop every day. Take the 7-day challenge and see for yourself!

    100% Natural, Biological & Holistic

    Our fine, dust-free formula is made only with organic ingredients from agricultural produce—so it’s completely safe for your cat, your home and the environment.

    Quality without compromise

    Odour Buster is made from premium-grade clumping clay with no chemical additives or synthetic perfumes. Take the 7-day challenge and see for yourself!

    Long lasting actionv WITHOUT perfume

    Odour Buster delivers instant, long-lasting odour control—without masking foul odours with perfumed scents. Give this some thought; doesn't a litter using a fresh scent or perfume to control odour proove it doesn't work? It's a paradox!

    No need to waste good litter

    No need to spoil the whole litter box contents everey month. Simply remove the clumps and top off the litter pan to ists original level. Odour Buster is very economical.

    Multi Cat

    Odour free garanteed with 1 to 4 cats
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Odour Buster Organic Litter 14 Kg

$27.99 CAD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The best kitty litter...

The best kitty litter product and the best home service with a SMILE yet!!!!!!!!

Good litter

I live in a small apartment, and have become a litter aficionado, so to speak, out of necessity. I have an extremely picky senior kitty with special needs. We're tried them all, except the new Pidan and Sustainably Yours. This litter is very low/almost no dust, it is not fragranced, it clumps well, but it is a bit sticky. I battle that by using litter box liners. The odour control is quite excellent. As the other reviewer said, you don't smell the litter when you're in the same room. It is heavy, though, and I'm very grateful for the delivery service by the fine folks at Naturally Urban!
Maybe we will try the others some day, but if you have a cat that prefers the sandy litter, and you want odour control, this is the stuff to get. And finally, I like that it is a Canadian company. Go, Canada :-)

Works great!

This came recommended from our cat's previous owner. It clumps well and it's not dusty. Also I don't smell the litter when I'm in the same room.