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Red Dog Blue Kat Foundations Cat Turkey

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Product description

We proudly present Red Dog Blue Kat's FOUNDATIONS RAW for cats – because we believe every feline deserves a foundation as unique as their whiskers.

Foundations Turkey

Made with human-grade, free-range Canadian whole turkey, organic vegetables, and ground bones—that’s it!


  1. Limited Goodness: FOUNDATIONS RAW recipes are a masterpiece of simplicity. Crafted with limited proteins, organs, organic vegetables, and bones, where quality is prioritized over complexity. Because, let's face it, the best things in life are often simple.

  2. Gentle on Sensitivities: We get it – not every cat is a fearless food explorer. That's why FOUNDATIONS RAW was carefully designed to cater to even the most sensitive of furballs. It's the foundation of a fresh food diet that won't ruffle any whiskers.

  3. Customization Magic: We kept it simple on purpose. FOUNDATIONS RAW isn't just a meal; it's a canvas. Why? Because your cat isn't just a cat; they're a one-of-a-kind companion. Customize their diet to match their unique taste buds and nutritional needs.

Why Naturally Urban Recommends FOUNDATIONS RAW:

  1. Quality You Can See: At Naturally Urban, we're picky about what goes into your pets' bowls. FOUNDATIONS RAW aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing the 0highest quality nutrition. It's not just pet food; it's a statement of care.

  2. Sensitive Souls Welcome: Sensitive pets deserve extra love and attention. We recommend FOUNDATIONS RAW because it's crafted with the gentleness required for our more delicate companions. It's a nod to our commitment to inclusivity in the world of pet nutrition.

  3. Tailored for Uniqueness: Every cat is special, and we celebrate that uniqueness. FOUNDATIONS RAW allows you the freedom to tailor your cat's diet, making mealtime as special as the bond you share.

Choose FOUNDATIONS RAW for a foundation of freshness, a touch of simplicity, and a whole lot of feline delight. Because at Naturally Urban Pet Food, we believe in nourishing pets in a way that celebrates their individuality.

  • Ingredients



    Free-run, non-medicated turkey meat, turkey bone, turkey organs, free-range eggs, bok choy*, yams*, zucchini*, lettuce*, wild salmon oil 


    *Certifed organic


    This meal contains ground bones – DO NOT COOK

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Red Dog Blue Kat Foundations Cat Turkey


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