Earth Rated Refill Poop Bags Unsecented

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Earth Rated's 100% Leak-Proof Guarantee leaves a 0% chance you’ll experience any dreaded poop-to-hand contact. These extra-thick bags can hold any size poop securely and are designed to block unpleasant smells. Picking up poop has never been so easy!
- Perfect for multi-dog homes
- Great format for regular customers
- Pairs perfectly with Earth Rated® dispensers

Retailer Tips
- Ideal format for dog walkers, pet sitters and multi-dog households.
- If your customers already love Earth Rated® bags, let them know that this bulk format offers 5% savings compared to their 120-count option.
- An increasing number of customers recognize value in bulk formats. Offering this option will keep your customers coming back!
- Offering more than one format lets your customers know you've got their needs covered.