Dr. Elsey's Ultra Attractant Litter ADDITIVE 20oz

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Helps Bring Problem Cats Back to the Litter Box, One Pouch Treats 100 lb of Litter & Lasts One Cat Over 3 Months

A Training Tool to Bring Cats Back to the Litter Box

A feline behavior modification and training tool providing a guaranteed solution for problem cats that won’t use their litter box.

Just 20 oz of this product (one pouch) will treat 100 lb of medium size particle, non-scented scoopable litter and last one cat over three months. Designed to be used with Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Litter. We are unable to guarantee the results of this product when used with paper, wheat, corn, conventional, pine, perfumes, cedar or litters containing baking soda or other deodorizers.

Ingredients: Natural Herbs