Which Pet Food is Best for Special Diet Needs?

Does your pooch have a sensitive tummy? Does your kitty have an allergy to something they’re eating? Maybe your furbaby is getting older or they have a medical condition that requires a special diet. It’s awful when your pet is out of sorts and you’re not sure what to do to help. So we’ve put together a list of the most common reasons that your cat or dog might need a special diet and what you can do to help.

Of course, it goes without saying: please check with your vet if you have any concerns about your pet’s health.

When Does My Pet Need Special Food?

Food Intolerance

If your pet gets a tad smelly and even vomits or has diarrhea, particularly right after eating, this could indicate a problem (and not just a problem for your floors!) You can try narrowing down the culprit by eliminating foods/ingredients from their diet one at a time. The most common cause is a grain intolerance because, after all, our furry friends are descended from some pretty hardcore carnivores. A grain-free food like Alberta’s Acana Pacifica or Certified Humane Open Farm Pasture Raised Lamb might be the answer,

Food Allergy

This can be more serious and might include symptoms like extreme itching, chronic gas & diarrhea, rashes and even ear inflammations & infections. Again, work with a vet to narrow down the cause. Food with a single or limited number of ingredients such as Deep Cove’s Firstmate's Pacific Ocean Fish Formula might help with this.

Life Stage

Dogs and Cats have different nutritional requirements at different stages of their lives.

Kittens & Puppies need food specially formulated for growth & development, that’s also easily digestible, until they finish growing. For puppies, depending on size this is 12-18 months. For kittens, it’s about 12 months. Chiliwack’s Now Fresh has a great selection for puppies and kittens

Adult Cats & Dogs need a well-balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight and energy levels. Amount and frequency is key here to keep them healthy based on size and activity level.

Senior Cats & Dogs. This is at about 7-12+ years for a dog depending on size and for cats, it’s about 12+ years. Senior animals tend to be less active so they need food with high nutritional value but a lower calorie count. Supplements can also help to boost their immune system, ease joint issues and keep their skin & coat healthy. Just like humans, as they grow older, senior pets may face increased health issues so be sure to consult your vet.

Diabetes & other Illnesses

As your pet ages, again just like us, they can develop health issues. Diabetes is the most common. In cats, it’s older, overweight males that are most likely to be affected while for dogs, it’s older, overweight females. Diet combined with insulin is the best way to regulate this illness. Food with a high fiber, complex carbs and low fat content is recommended for Dogs and for cats, look for a high protein, high moisture content. Farmina is an excellent alternative to regular vet pet food that includes whole ingredients with weight control options for both dogs and cats.

Heart Disease, Kidney Failure & Pancreatitis are just a few of the other conditions that can affect your precious pet as they get older. It is difficult to watch your furbaby in pain or discomfort but you can help by making sure they are eating the right type of food to help ease their condition. We regularly recommend exploring Weruva products for cats with Kidney or Urinary Tract concerns. 

As always, work with your vet to find the best diet and medical treatment for them.


It’s really important to look after the Momma-to-be by regulating her weight gain so that it’s not too much or too little. Her diet should be a high-quality, easily-digestible Puppy/Kitten food formulated for growth & development to ensure healthy babies. As her belly fills up with growing puppies or kittens, there won’t be room for a lot of food at one time so she needs to eat little and often. Once the babies arrive, as every mother (human or otherwise) knows, the real work begins so she needs to eat a protein-rich, high-quality food to help her produce milk for her babies.

Try Now Fresh Grain-Free Puppy Recipe & Wellness Complete Health Kitten Health before birth and Rawz 96% Turkey and Salmon Pate for Cats & Taste of the Wild Wetlands Canine Formula for nursing.

Whatever special needs your precious pet may have; at Naturally Urban we want your furbaby to enjoy their meals, feel energized and be able to live their best life. We offer a massive range of high-quality, delicious food to meet all of their needs.

Visit our store to see for yourself what’s available.

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