Top Canadian-Made Dog Food Brands

Oh, Canada - our home and native land! At Naturally Urban, we take great pride in promoting local and Canadian-made products. In a country as vast as our own, it should be little surprise that our customers come looking for recommendations for the best in Canadian-made dog food brands. For that reason, we’ve put together a list of our top 3 favorite brands to help you learn more about their products and to give you a chance to keep profits in Canada.

#1 Canadian-made dog food - Open Farm

The first brand that we’d like to promote is Open Farm. Open Farm a family-owned, Toronto-based pet food company. What we love about Open Farm is that all of their meats are certified humane, their fish is Ocean Wise-recommended, and all their ingredients are 100% traceable. They are as good as it gets and can stand up against any brand, anywhere in the world.

Cheekily, we compare Open Farm as something you might find stocked at a Whole Foods Market. They offer a full-encompassing product line, meaning they have something for everyone, and everything they make is top-quality. They offer a wide range of products, including kibbles, gently cooked food, wet food, bone broth, freeze-dried, supplements, and treats. 

From our perspective, Open Farm is by far and away the most forward-thinking pet food company that we have in Canada, and they have recently come up with a new product offering - a vegan option, and it’s a hit. 

They’re also the first in the market to offer an insect-based dry dog food. Although it might sound a little odd, from a sustainability+protein perspective, insects are as good as it gets. They’re a nutrient-dense protein, and part of the pet superfood diet. For the uninitiated, there's a growing movement for people to get their protein outside more traditional means and supply chains, and Open Farm is a head of the game, again.

When it comes to packaging and sustainability, Open Farm and their ‘Kind Earth’ packaging line meets the sniff test, too. Together with TerraCycle, customers can collect their bags and then ship them to TerraCycle for free. Terracycle, started by another Canadian, will then make picnic benches, construction materials, and more out of something destined for circulation.  If that sounds like too much effort, any Open Farm Kind Earth bag is fully recyclable through your municipal recycling program.

#2 Canadian-made dog food - Champion



Our next great Canadian brand is Champion, - parent company to 2 of our most popular dog food lines - Acana and Orijen. Champion is a family owned, Alberta-based company, and all of their products are made within Alberta. 

Unlike the aforementioned Open Farm, which we often refer to as a ‘Whole Foods-esque’; we like to think of Champion as a ‘whole animal’. They are known, and acclaimed, for using high-quality meat in all of their products. 

For over 35 years, Champion has been feeding hungry pets from coast to coast. In many cases, they use up 90% animal product in every mouthful. Additionally, every single ingredient Champion chooses is thoughtfully selected for its nutritional value, digestibility and superior flavour. They even offer a traceability system, so you always know where your pet food came from. Incredible.

 #3 Canadian-made dog food - First Mate

Last but not certainly not least, we have First Mate. It's our top selling product, and we love First Mate for a variety of different reasons. 

Firstly, their head office is based in Deep Cove in North Vancouver, an unlikely place for such an incredible business - and they are family-owned. All of First Mate’s food is made within a few short hours drive of Deep Cove. It’s also worth pointing out that Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, our largest fundraising recipient, uses First Mate as their product of choice.

Secondly, their price point is more affordable than many other brands. So if you are on the price conscious side, and wanting something quality that is still made in Canada, First Mate is your go-to choice. It should be said that, by far and away, our best-selling product is their canned food. They have chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna and like Open Farm, an insect-based alternative.

Lastly, if you are a multi-species family and have both a dog and a cat, you can take advantage of 2 in 1 feeding :) Their canned foods are an identical recipe for both species. So, you can just buy one and use it for both your feline and your canine. It’s like Pert plus for pets!

At the end of the day, what's great about all these 3 brands is that they are Canadian-owned and we’re Canadian-owned. So when you're buying pet food, we invite you to support local businesses and also get a quality product you can rely on. 

If you need any pet diet advice, feel free to reach out!



What are some of the Canadian dog food brands?

There are many Canadian-based dog food brands available on the market, including Acana, Orijen, First Mate, and more. All of these brands use high-quality ingredients and are trusted by pet owners.

Does dog food expire?

Yes, all dog food has an expiration date. It is important to check the expiration date before feeding your dog and for any signs of food spoilage or contamination.

Is expired dog food safe?

No, expired dog food is not safe for dogs to eat. If you are unsure if the food is still good, it is best to err on the side of caution and throw it out.

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