10 Things You Need When A New Puppy Joins Your Family

A checklist for new and first time pet parents

You’ve probably been thinking long and hard about adding a furry friend to your family. You’ve done the research (creating endless Pinterest boards counts, right?) about size, breed, training, local vets and rescue centers. You’re finally ready to bring your fluffy bundle of joy home … or are you?

To help you figure that out, we’ve created a list of must-haves every new pet parent needs to make their home ready to receive its newest member.


1. Collar

An adjustable nylon type collar with two piece buckle for your growing pup or something sturdier for an older dog with rings to hold license and ID tags

2. Leash or Harness

According to the American Kennel Club a harness is best for training puppies and dogs who don’t know how to walk on a leash.  These are great for all dogs as they give you more control without pulling and also help stop crafty dogs from escaping!

3. Food and Water Dishes 

Make sure the size of the dish matches the size of your dog.  These need to be sturdy enough to discourage your pup from carrying them around and dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.

4. Crates, Gates and Pens

Crates are essential for bringing your fur baby to their new home and are also important for sleeping and keeping track of the little “darlings” until they are trained.  As much as you will want to spend every waking minute with your new adorable furry family member, you will have to  leave them alone from time to time. A gate or pen is a great way to contain their bounciness and keep your pup out of mischief.

5. Dog Bed

Your little pooch will need “a room of one’s own”; a comfortable bed or basket that they can go to for their all-important napping. This bed will also become their night-time sleeping place once they’re trained enough to leave their crate.

6. Food and Treats 

Dogs have very specific nutritional needs at each stage of their life and there are a variety of products available to meet these needs. A well trained dog makes for a happy partnership between pet and the rest of the family so training treats are a must to smooth this along.  

7. Enrichment Toys

Your puppy will want to chew everything!  Be prepared for this with a variety of chew toys to satisfy those growing teeth.  Even better; toys that challenge and engage your pup by making them work for a treat will help prevent boredom and destructive behavior.

8. Toothbrush

Your dog's teeth need just as much care as your own pearly whites. Make sure you grab a toothbrush or try a specially formulated dietary supplement for shiny teeth and fresh breath!

9. House Training

Your fur baby will have accidents while you are getting used to each other so pee pads or indoor grass pads and deodorizing products are essential.  You will also need poop bags (compostable are preferred) for your walks.  

10. Grooming

To keep your pup’s coat shiny and clean, you will need a brush, flea comb and shampoo & conditioner.  Don’t forget, no spa session is complete without a mani-pedi so nail clippers are a must. 

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