10 Pet Charities in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland: Share the Love!

Love your fur baby?  Desperately want to give every abandoned critter a loving home but there’s no room at the Inn? So how can you help? There are lots of ways: donate, volunteer, maybe even foster animals in need of shelter.

To help find your fave way to support our furry, four legged friends, we’ve put together a list of 10 local charities that do outstanding work rescuing and caring for animals in need.



Probably the best known animal shelter, they help all animals:  furry, feathery, scaly, large and small, exotic or ordinary with several locations in the lower mainland. 


VOKRA’s mission is to end cat overpopulation and homelessness. They rescue, heal and find new homes for kittens and adult cats #vokra

3. Home At Last Dog Rescue

Based in Surrey, they find homes for stray and abandoned doggos who are cared for in temporary foster homes until their forever home is found.

4. Vancouver Humane Society

Tackles animal cruelty in all forms all over the world.  They don’t just focus on rescuing homeless and abandoned animals but they also help pet owners keep their beloved pets when life throws them a curveball and makes caring for their furry friends difficult.

5. Cat Therapy & Rescue Society

They take in special needs cats, cats from overcrowded shelters, abandoned cats and those in danger of being put down. 

6. Loved At Last Dog Rescue

Vancouver based, they rescue and find homes for homeless dogs from all over the world.

7. Saints Rescue

Based in Mission, Saints provides shelter for senior, palliative and special needs animals ensuring that these faithful friends live out their lives in comfort and dignity.

8. RAPS Cat Sanctuary

Richomnd based, RAPS provides a forever home to feral, abandoned and surrendered cats including those that are ill, older or have special needs and unlikely to find a new home.

9. Critter Care Wildlife Society 

Based in Langley, Critter Care specialises in the treatment, care and release of sick,injured and orphaned native BC mammals great and small

10. Paws for Hope

Offer help and support to families and individuals with a pet who are in crisis or fleeing violence. They also help low income households struggling to access veterinary care for their beloved companions.


This list is a sampling of the many, many worthwhile organizations that are dedicated to helping our furry (and not so furry) friends.  There are so many ways to help! 

Easiest of all: You can help every time you buy something from our shop.  Naturally Urban donates 1% of all sales to the charity of your choice. 
Click here to start shopping and supporting! 

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