Red Dog Blue Kat Kangaroo Salmon Fusion Dehydrated Treats 85 grms

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Great news! Having fun and spoiling your pet just got a bit easier with our new dehydrated shelf-stable treats! The bond between people and pets is unique and benefits the health of both. Giving treats to your dog or cat further strengthens that bond. We have designed our yummy and functional treats for dogs and cats with simple ingredients, minimal processing, great flavour, and many health benefits!

Kangaroo Salmon Fusion:

This Fusion treat can also be used as a dietary enhancement to help pets feel better and be more active! Turmeric and coconut are widely known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties, along with numerous other health benefits. We blend Turmeric and coconut with Kangaroo and Salmon to create a treat that’s tasty and great for overall health! This treat is a source of Omega-3 fats, high levels of antioxidants, B complex vitamins, and much more.