pidan Pet Ear Cleaning Cotton Swab, 30 counts per pack

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Pet Ear Cleaning

Selecting and using premium cotton.

No fluorescent whitening agent used.


Twin tip. 

Snap the marked tip, and the cleanser will flow to the other tip.

They are individually packed to prevent contamination of germs and bacteria.

And easy to store and dispose of after use.


They are crafted using medical-grade standards with strict and delicate cotton tip fastening technology.

The cotton stays together and won't fall off easily.

The tube won't break easily so that you can use it securely.


It can be used on cats and dogs.

It cleans the ear and ear canal.

But be careful not to contact the eyes.


Steps for Usage

1.  Tear open the plastic wrapper and take out the cotton swab.


2. With the colored ring end facing up, hold the top of the cotton swab.


3. Snap at the position of the colored ring.


4. Make the cleanser flow down and pass halfway, then turn it over to start using.


Product Information

Suitable for: Cats and Dogs

Size: 7 x 4 x 11 cm per pack

Weight: 10 g per pack

Substance: Purified water