pidan Cat Scratching Board, Tissue Box Type

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Provide your cat a private space it always wanted.

Made precisely for cats who naturally love tissue boxes.
Fully give your Furry babe the sense of security.

A door and a skylight, so you can friendly interact with your cat.


A scratching board inside the tissue box.

Enjoy a sweet dream or a remarkable scratch.
Your cat's happy time!

Fat cat friendly. Big cat friendly.

The entrance has a diameter of 20 cm.
Allow cats of any size to go and out freely.

Blue and white color.

Look good anywhere in any place.
Add it to your cat's playground.

The package includes.

3 x hard cardboard.
1 x cat scratching board.

How to install.

1.  Hold cardboard #1 apart.

2. Put in cat scratching board #4.


3. Fold the part of cardboard #2 and #3 as shown in the picture.


4. Attach cardboard #2 and #3 to both sides of cardboard #1 for completion.



1. Keep the product dry. Don't keep it somewhere damp and moist.

2. This is a paper product, so keep it away from fire.

3. This product is a consumable, so please replace it regularly.


Product Information

Size: 45 x 35 x 30 cm

Weight: 575 g

Material: Corrugated paper cardboard