pidan Cat Scratcher -Shark Type

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Shark Scratch Board.


Designed for the nails of your cat and its natural behavior.

It's a thing your cat loves to use in many ways.



The radial concave design makes filing nails more comfortable.

It allows your cat to play with or on it.

Your cat can also sleep on it.


Selecting and using high-density paper material.

Crafted with corrugated paper using a fully automated process.

Very durable.

Very neat looking.


Double-sided corrugated paper composition.

Both sides can be used.

Your cat can use it for a longer period of time.

Very cost saving.


Play and rest, all covered.

Secure and reliable.

It makes fun more fun!



1. Keep the product dry. Don't place it in a moist and humid area.

2. This product is a consumable. It needs to be replaced regularly.


Product Information.

This product is suitable for cats.

Product dimension: 40 x 30 x 6.6 cm

Weight: 0.53 kg

Material: Corrugated paper