Pidan Activated Charcoal Composite Tofu Cat Litter & Crushed Bentonite 4 x 6 Litre bags case

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Three different odor eliminating materials.
Together, they remove the stinky smell more thoroughly and leaving only the natural smell of tofu.
The tofu litter pellets have tens of millions of micropores that absorb the offensive odor because of adding activated charcoal into the tofu cat litter.
The STA deodorizing pellets stop the unpleasant smell from spreading.
The cat litter dissolves in water. Yes, even the bentonite.

10 grams of activated charcoal tofu cat litter absorbs as much as 50 grams of liquid.
t absorbs 5X its capacity!
The small bentonite particles fill up the tofu cat litter gap, making a firmer and more comprehensively wrapped clump.