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The Sphinx Scratcher Cat Bed

Meeting your cat's sense of territory. Guarding its mysterious supreme power.

Unique design. Well built and durable. 

Your cat can play with it in any way it wants.

Ancient Egypt's mysterious guardian

The emotional bond of two types of cats.

Mysterious and noble but more cartoonish and cute.

Premium material. Your cat can grind its claw anywhere on the body.

The sphinx's body is all made of high-density corrugated paper. It's strong and durable.

Your cat can make use of the sphinx's whole body. The inside is skin-friendly and has good airflow.

A cat bed in the form of a sphinx

The sphinx cat bed fully meets your cat's sense of territory.

Providing your cat with privacy as well as security.

A whole piece of felt fabric covers the sphinx's back.

The sphinx's back is covered by a whole piece of a soft, breathable, and comfortable felt fabric. 

Hollow design on the back of the sphinx's body.

It allows your cat to go in and out of any direction.

It's more fun to let multiple cats play at the same time.

Product Information

Product Name: The Sphinx Sctracher Cat Bed

Product Color: Brown + Grey

Product Dimension: 66 x 34 x 30 cm

Product Material: Corrugated paper, Felt Fabric