Forsure Pet Wet Wipes for Pets, 1 Pack, 30 Sheets per Pack

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Removes tear stains, deodorizes, and cleans your pet. 

Taking care of your pet's skin health.


Product Info

Name: Forsure Pet Wet Wipes for Pets

Capacity: 30 Sheets per Pack

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Main Ingredient: RO Pure Water, Non-woven Fabric, polyhexamethylene

Fragrance: Unscented

Suitable For: Dogs and Cats



Please store it in a cool and dry place indoors, avoid direct sunlight.

When using, tear off the front sticker from the direction indicated by the sealing arrow and pull out the wet wipes.

After taking it out, stick the sticker tightly to keep the wipes moist and hygienic.

Avoid getting the product into the pet's eyeball and mouth to prevent accidental injury.


    Product Features

    The reverse osmosis pure water is clean, healthy, and safe to use. Reverse osmosis technology is widely used in the medical field.

    Carefully selected non-woven fabric is soft to the skin, feels comfortable, giving your pet the baby-like care.

    Produce no lint, tough but soft like silk, zero harmful ingredients, can be used multiple times.

    Wipe gently, and it cleans mildly. Zero fragrance and alcohol, so no need to worry about the pet licking itself after using the wipes. By adding the essence of aloe vera, the pet receives moisturizing care.


    Antibacterial, cleans up, remove odor.

    Triple protective care. Safeguarding the health of the pet.


    Wipes are disjoined and non-sticked together.

    One draw, one sheet, to avoid wasting.

    Prevent contaminating the remaining wipes.


    Great helper for pets daily cleaning.

    Cleaning the feet after going out for a walk.

    Cleaning the mouth and surrounding area after eating.

    Cleaning the butt after pooping.