Buddies Turkey Butcher Block for Dogs - 20 x 1/2 Lb packs

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Buddies Turkey Butcher Block for Dogs

Our Turkey Butcher Block is a great option and is designed for dogs of all sizes. All of our dog food is a coarse grind product, you will see bits of bone within the grind. That’s okay! Your dog’s system is designed to crunch and break down raw bones.

Our Butcher Blocks comes in both 1/2lb and 1lb block, sold in 10lb boxes, individual portions, and 40lb bulk boxes (exclusively available in the 1lb). The veggies will change as season dictates, keeping the price low and the variety high.

Butcher Blocks are meant to be fed in rotation. With Raw Feeding variety is key to providing your pet a nutritionally balanced diet and a healthy pet! What they can get nutritionally out of one protein is going to be different to another!


55% Bone-in-Turkey

20% Beef Heart

12.5% Beef Organ

12.5% Veggie Blend




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