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Naturally Fresh MulitCat Clumping Formula non scented 26 lbs.

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Southern BC Free Shipping Customers (not local delivery friends)- We will only ship one bag of litter/order.

BLUE Naturally FreshScented Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping FormulaNatural Cat Litter

BLUE Naturally Fresh is a major advance in cat litter because it’s made with walnut shells, which provide superior odor control and have greater absorption capacity than the leading brand cat litters. What’s more, BLUE Naturally Fresh is 100% natural and environmentally-friendly.

Superior Absorption & Odor Control

Superior Odor Control Among Leading Multi-Cat Clumping Litters*.

Made from a proprietary blend of the fibrous materials found in the walnut shell, BLUE Naturally Fresh neutralizes litter box odors better than clay, pine and wheat.

Long Lasting — Proven To Absorb 3x Better Than The Leading Clay Litter*.

Because BLUE Naturally Fresh is so absorbent, one bag of BLUE is equal to three bags of the leading clay litter.

Harder Clumps For Easier Scooping*.

Our super-absorbent formula produces harder clumps than pine, corn and wheat in as little as 15 minutes, making clean-up simple and mess-free.

Low Tracking And Virtually NO Dust.

Unlike clay litters which throw off silica dust, BLUE Naturally Fresh is virtually dust-free so you and your cat can breathe easy. It’s also low tracking so it doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws and stays in the box.

100% Natural And Eco-Friendly

All-natural and Annually Renewable.

100% natural and biodegradable, BLUE Naturally Fresh is made from walnut shells, an annually renewable non-food agricultural product.

NO chemicals, NO toxins, NO worries.

Made without any harmful ingredients, BLUE Naturally Fresh is safe for you and your cat or kitten.


All of the walnut shells used to make BLUE Naturally Fresh are homegrown in the USA!


  1. Fill clean litter box to the recommended level of 3" of BLUE Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Litter.
  2. BLUE Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Litter forms an easily removable clump of waste when wet.  Remove with a scoop and discard according to your local regulations.
  3. Maintain by removing clumps and solid waste daily.  Add more litter, as needed, to maintain 3" depth.
  4. It is recommended that you clean and sanitize your litter box every 30 days to maintain a fresh and healthy litter box for your cat.

Based on a single-cat household, BLUE Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Litter should last at least 30 days between changes, or as needed, for odor control.

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Naturally Fresh MulitCat Clumping Formula non scented 26 lbs.

$38.99 CAD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Awesome Litter

Fantastic clumping and great odour control!

Excellent litter

Less dusty than clay litter, and deals with odor much better than wheat!

Naturally Fresh MulitCat Clumping Formula non scented 26 lbs

Good litter. Smells fresh. A bit dusty.


The products I buy are great, no complaints there, but since you asked for feedback, your new delivery guy, Adam? He kinda sucks. Brian mad Kris are consistent, prompt, and awesome, the new guy, not so much. I’ve had several deliveries from him and they’ve all had problems. He delivered only half my order one time and had to come back with the rest after I texted to say it wasn’t all there. He doesn’t read my delivery notes and last order, texted me saying he was delivering that morning even though I’m never available in the mornings and always note that in my orders. He will text me with a time frame, and never deliver within it. Sometimes he comes the next day, with no notice, sometimes hours past the end of the window. I’m constantly having to text him asking if he’s still coming hours after the timeframe he gave me has ended. Once, it was almost 10pm when I received my order, and that’s really late at night for a delivery! I love y’all, and think your delivery company is great, but Adam isn’t quite up to your standards yet.