Buddies Classic Fish Butcher Block for Cats or Small Dogs – 40 x 1/4 Lb packs

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Our Cat Fish Butcher Block is perfect for cats and small dogs of all ages. It comes in 1/4lb blocks, sold in 10lb boxes

What makes our Cat Blends different to our Dog blends is that it is available in the 1/4lb blocks, which is more size appropriate for cats and small dogs, as well as being a fine grind.

Butcher Blocks are meant to be fed in rotation. With Raw Feeding variety is key to providing your pet a nutritionally balanced diet and a healthy pet! What they can get nutritionally out of one protein is going to be different to another!


Why We Include:

Bone-In Chicken: Chicken is a highly nutritious protein for cats. Chicken provides essential fatty acids and protective monounsaturated fat. Compared to other meats, chicken is high in vitamin A, with significant levels of various vitamin B complexes. Raw bones provide a natural and highly digestible source of calcium. Bone is also required to provide a natural balance to the higher levels of phosphorus found in raw meat. Using a bone-in product allows your cat to exercise their jaw muscles as they crunch down and work on the bone.

Boneless Beef: Boneless beef is an excellent source of protein, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, niacin and iron. It contains no fibre or sugars, and is low in sodium. Beef is also a significant source of choline, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin, selenium and zinc. It contains all essential amino acids needed to grow and support healthy muscles.

Salmon: Rich in a number of B vitamins such as niacin (B3), which is needed to promote healthy cells, and pyridoxine (B6), which keeps the skin, nervous system and red blood cells healthy. This is an excellent option for dogs with extreme food allergies. The salmon must be cooked to be able to release the B vitamins.

Organ Meat: Taurine is an amino acid found only in meat and in high concentrations in organ meat. Obligate carnivores like cats and ferrets require taurine in their diet because they cannot manufacture it on their own, like dogs can. Uncooked organ meat, especially heart, is the best raw source of taurine. Cooking destroys this nutrient. A taurine deficiency can cause blindness and heart problems.