Kafka's Organic Turkey Delight - Fresh Dog Food 1 lb

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If your pup fancies fowl, he’ll never turn his nose up at our Turkey Delight! Made with Lean Turkey to provide clean, wholesome nutrition with tons of flavour. Finished with bone broth and crunchy raw carrot bites, this recipe is a true delight for picky eaters 😋


    Lean Ground Turkey (BC), Turkey Liver, Sweet Potatoes, Organic Kale, Organic Carrots, Egg Shell Powder, Bone Broth, Omega-3 Fish Oil, Organic Flaxseed Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Kafka's Vitamin & Mineral Blend, Organic Kelp 

    #FreshFed Benefits

    • Free of preservatives, additives or fillers 
    • Simple, natural, whole ingredients 🍠
    • Balanced & complete according to AAFCO guidelines
    • Heart-healthy 💖 Omega-3 Fish oil & Organic Safflower/Flaxseed Oil    
    • Gently cooked at low temperature
    • Small batch handmade  
    • Drool-worthy taste! 🐈

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