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Please note we do not have this product in hand. If you place this order before Tuesday, 10 am we can get this out to you by Friday the same week. If you need something sooner, then we advise you to choose another product. *** Exception- Natural Instinct and IrRAWsistible are ordered every other week. Please contact us and we'll let you know when it's coming in ***

Southern BC Free Shipping Customers (not local delivery friend)- We will only ship one bag of litter/order.


If you use Feline Fresh or other Pine Pellet products this is a great alternative for a fraction of the price.  It's designed for bedding or larger animals but work great for litter.  Try it out.  Here is what they say about their product.

Our Product
We are proud to produce Simply the Best wood pellets. We have invested in a state-of-the-art control system and conduct independent lab testing to ensure high quality. Our 6mm pellets offer clean and highly efficient energy:

Moisture Content 5-6%
High Density Energy 8,300 Btu; 4,600 Kcal/Kg; 19 GJ/Tonne
% Ash <0.5%

Eagle Valley Premium Wood Pellets are made from sawmill wood waste, specifically Pine, Fir and Spruce. It has been proven that these three raw material sources make up “Simply the Best” wood pellets in North America!

Eagle Valley Premium Wood Pellets meet or exceed the guidelines set out by the PFI regarding wood pellets. They are good for your home, good for your business and good for the environment. They burn specifically cleaner than even the best wood stoves and fireplaces.


*** Please note this product can be bought from hardware stores cheaper than us.  We are offering it becuase we want a more economical offering for our customers but this product takes up a lot of warehouse space (we buy 60 bags at a time) and time effort is spent lugging it around so we have charge accordingly.  I hope you can appreciate that. ***

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