pidan "Wave" Cat Scratcher Board with Refill

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Please note we do not have this product in hand. If you place this order before Tuesday, 10 am we can get this out to you by Friday the same week. If you need something sooner, then we advise you to choose another product. *** Exception- Natural Instinct and IrRAWsistible are ordered every other week. Please contact us and we'll let you know when it's coming in ***

Use in A More Eco-friendly Way

Product Description

  • The base is a one time purchase. So, just need to replace the scratching board with a refill for repeated use. 
  • Select high-quality paper and design with neat and clean cut. 
  • Strong and durable base. The alloy stand is stable because it is made in one piece.
  • It is beautifully designed. You could place it anywhere and it would secure the scratching board in place.


  1. Keep the product dry. Please don't place it in a moist place. 
  2. The product is a consumable. Please replace it regularly.

Product Information

  • This product is suitable for cats.
  • Size: 240 x 438 x 110 mm
  • Material: Corrugated paper
  • Weight: 0.7 kg (Scratching board set), 0.32 kg (Scratching board refills)